“OhdamnitsangelsLIFE” “After 18 years, Happy Thanksgiving!!!”

Hello world!

Happy Thanksgiving! i know its a little early but you can never get enough thanks. Todays topic is about Thanksgiving and some traditions that I’ve gone through in my family. Thanksgiving when i was little was always big, my whole family would get together and we would have dinner potluck style. My dad was never there though or he would come really late because he worked 15 hour shifts every holiday. I never really phased me as much cause i was use to it for about most of my life. It was usual for my mom to be the adult at home on thanksgiving as well as christmas because my dad would be working. This is how i started to help my mom more etc. Last year was the first year my dad was actually home for Thanksgiving. I went through 17 years of not having my dad home and guess what? Im the one who had to work that night. I just started a job and they scheduled the newbie to work. I was sooooo upset. I missed thanksgiving dinner with my family but they brought me home food which was a sweet gesture. I never really understood why my dad had to work so much and why he couldn’t just ditch until i was put in his shoes last year. This year though I’m lucky enough to finally after 18 years of no thanksgiving together, i can sit down at dinner and enjoy his company.

Thanksgiving and holidays may be about food and presents but family is more important. If its just you and mom or a bunch of your friends, your cat or bird its all family. You are not alone during the holidays. There is so much love all around you, you just have to open your eyes and appreciate it.

To wrap it up i just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who follows me on my journey in life, for all the love and support and for being my friends!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Be safe, Love and Eat good food!

Talk to you soon!

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